Factory Price Supply Natural Asparagus Powder

Factory Price Supply Natural Asparagus Powder

Asparagus is rich in anti-cancer elements-Se, prevent cancer cell division and growth, inhibit carcinogenic activity and accelerated detoxification,stimulate the body's immune function, promote the formation of antibodies, improve resistance to cancer, for bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer have special curative effect, and cancer for almost all have certain curative effect.


If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified asparagus powder, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply asparagus powder from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Factory Price Supply Natural Asparagus Powder

Quick Details

? Type: Herbal Extract

Variety: Asparagus powder

Form: Powder

Part: root

Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction

Packaging: Drum, Plastic Container

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Grade: Medicine Grade,Food Grade

Brand Name: Shaanxi Green Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Model Number: rs50:1

Product name: Asparagus powder

Apperence: Brown powder

Part of used: Root

CAS No.: 70-47-3

Molecular formula: C4H8N2O3

Molecular weight: 132.12

Particle size: 100% pass 80 mesh


MOQ: 1kg

Shelf Life: 2 years

Factory price supply Natural Asparagus powder

Product Description

Product Name

Asparagus powder



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



Asparagine 4%-10% by TLC

Extract ratio

5:1,10:1,20:1,50:1,100:1 by UV or customized


Yellow brown powder



Loss on drying


Drying Method

Spary drying

Heavy Metals


Particle size

100% pass 80 mesh


1. Anti-cancer, Asparagus is rich in anti-cancer elements-Se, prevent cancer cell division and growth, 

inhibit carcinogenic activity and accelerated detoxification,stimulate the body's immune function, promote the 

formation of antibodies, improve resistance to cancer, for bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer have special 

curative effect, and cancer for almost all have certain curative effect.

2. Reducing fever and causing diuresis.

3. To promote fetal brain development.

4. Eliminate fatigue, reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular function, increase appetite, improve the body's 

metabolism, enhance immunity.


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

Shelf Life

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.



Anti-cancer, Asparagus is rich in anti-cancer elements-Se, prevent cancer cell division and growth, 

inhibit carcinogenic activity and accelerated detoxification,stimulate the body's immune function, promote the 

formation of antibodies, improve resistance to cancer, for bladder cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer have special 

curative effect, and cancer for almost all have certain curative effect.

Reducing fever and causing diuresis.

? To promote fetal brain development.

? Eliminate fatigue, reduce blood pressure, improve cardiovascular function, increase appetite, improve the body's 

metabolism, enhance immunity.

About us 
Our company has the advanced complete production system, strong technical force, reasonable facilities plant layout, clean and tidy environment. We operate in strict accordance with GMP compliance certification standard operation. Our company is equipped with a variety of advanced analytical instrumentation, and the entire production process from raw materials control to the final product are in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 quality management system. Complete quality testing and quality assurance system ensures that we can provide a stable high-quality products.

Our advantages 

1. Plant extraction manufactory.


2. Meet your special demand of product specification.


3. Our certification: ISO9001/QS, HACCP, Kosher, HALAL, etc.


4. Our Purpose: Provide you product with best quality, excellent service and prompt delivery.


5. Our faith:quality first, credit first

If you are looking for low price and high quality GMP, KOSHER and ISO certified factory price supply natural asparagus powder, or you want to buy 100% pure natural, hat sale and organic factory supply factory price supply natural asparagus powder from a famous China factory, please feel free to contact us.

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