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Extraction Workshop Equipment:

Sixsets of multifunctional extraction tanks with 6 m3 capacity, onemultifunctional extraction tank with 3 m3 capacity, 6 sets of extractionsolution tanks with 5 m3 capacity, one extraction solution tank with 3 m3capacity, one double-effect concentrator with 2000 kg/h capacity, four sets ofsingle-effect concentrators with 1500 kg/h efficiency, one alcoholprecipitation tank with 3 m3 capacity, one vacuum concentrator with 1500 litercapacity, two sets of ethanol tanks with 5 m3 capacity, four sets of ethanoltanks with 10 m3 capacity, two sets of original ethanol tanks with 25 m3capacity, and one tilting sandwich pot with 500 liter capacity.

Refining Workshop Equipment:

Sevensets of reactors (including one glass-lined reactor), one crystallization tankwith 2000 liters capacity, a mobile filtration tank with 600 liters capacity,three sets of mobile collection tanks with 600 liters capacity, and one vacuumconcentrator with 1500 liters capacity.