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On The 2018 Holiday Notice Of The Company's New Year
Feb 06, 2018

The holiday time of the Spring Festival in 2018 is published as follows:

To celebrate the Spring Festival approaching, the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, so that all employees can enjoy a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the company in accordance with the provisions of the 2018 national holiday, according to the actual operating conditions, it was decided that a total of the Spring Festival holiday for 15 days, the 2018 Spring Festival holiday notice announced as follows:

1. The timed time arrangement:

1.2018 years (February 10th twenty-five to February 24, 2018 (the twelfth lunar month) is the beginning of the nine month), a total of 15 days; February 25, 2018 (at the beginning of the month is ten) began to work.

In February 25th 2.2018 (at the beginning of the month is ten) is no longer off work Sunday.

Two. The demand for the holiday is:

1. as a result of the normal work in February 9th, all the staff of the company can get out of work after 17:30 p.m. and report on time in February 25th.

2. during the holiday period, everyone kept their mobile phones unblocked, and the relevant departments properly arranged duty and security, fireproof and anti-theft work during the holiday period.

During the Spring Festival holiday, we should pay attention to the safety of the Spring Festival, and wish all the family members happy for the Spring Festival.

Office of the company

February 6, 2018

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