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Natural Food Color Carthamin Pigment
Jun 14, 2016

Basic Info.

Model NO.:E100Packaging Material:Plastic
Storage Method:NormalShelf Life:24months
Package:Plastic Bag Inside, Carton Outside, Pallet Used, 1kg/BagSpecification:1kg/bag
Color Value:E100Application:Food Additives
Usage:0.01% to 0.05%HS Code:2932999099
Production Capacity:1mt/Month

Product Description

        Carthamin yellow is a natural pigment which is extracted from safflower with high quality.
Appearance: yellow or brownish yellow powder. When soluble in water, it shows light clear yellow. It's easy to absorb moisture. And it gets brown and become lump after absorbing moisture. However it doesn't effect using.
Solubility: it's easily soluble in water, low purity ethanol propylene glycol, and insoluble in  acetone and fat.
Stability: It has light resistance and heat resistance. It's stable in acidic condition.
Dyeing Effect: It's very suitable to dye starch.
Application: It's suitable for Carbonated drinks, make wine, candy, pastry, canned, candied fruit, jelly, ice cream etc.
Usage: 0.01~0.05%

pesticide residueComply with EU regulation
Color Value(1%,1cm,404±5nm)60-62
moisture(%)                         ≤7.0
Ash(%)                         ≤4.0
As(mg/kg)             ≤1.0
Pb/(mg/kg)             ≤3.0


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